Free your minds ability to live and enjoy life on your terms

Picture of Asha - Clinical Hypnotherapist @ MindAbility

Welcome to mindAbility, a West Midlands based Clinical Hypnotherapy service which specialises in Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy methods and techniques.

You have taken the time to look at this site which suggests there are changes you wish to make. 

Congratulations for taking the first step of regaining control of your life and emotions.

At mindAbility, you are the expert. Sessions are designed to help focus your mind and energy on the changes you want to make. 

At mindAbility, you will feel empowered to live free from negative emotions and unpleasant behaviours. You will not be asked to explore past traumatic events.

mindAbility facilitates long term change affecting  everyday life so you can truly live life on your terms.

07902 580 703

Please Note: Solution focussed hypnotherapy is very effective. However, results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Success is dependent on your willingness and commitment to make changes.

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