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I’m Asha, the founder and lead Clinical Psychotherapist at mindAbility Hypnotherapy. I help my clients to gain confidence and greater emotional control using the power of hypnosis. Unlike traditional forms of therapy, we do not need to explore traumatic events to help you move forward. 

If you are tired of trying to understand how you got here Hypnotherapy could be for you. It is a gentle and yet effective way to implement change. Based on the latest neuroscience research and using the best of NLP techniques, I have supported many clients to lead happier lives. Clients have also reported feeling braver; calmer; patient and more accomplished. 

This has lead to improved sleep; better relationships with significant others; increased productivity; reduced physical ailments and resilience to deal with events when they don’t go to plan.

We also specialise corporate well-being and growth mindset programs for UK based companies.

Asha Berzon - BSc (Hons) Psychology - Hypnotherapy Practicing Diploma - Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - Registered Bodies NCH, AfSFH, CNCH



Anxiety affects 3 million people in the UK, with 1 in 6 adults in the past week have suffered from a form of anxiety. We understand the difficulties associated with anxiety. We’re here to help.


Number of people suffering from depression in England effects 1 in 4 people within their life. Find out how we are able to help yourself or someone you are concerned about.


Currently in the UK one in seven couples are estimated to have issues conceiving children which equates to roughly 3.5 million people. We focus on using a natural treatment to improve your chances of conceiving.

What our clients have to say about their experience...

'Had the best experience undertaking this hypnobirthing course. Asha is a fantastic teacher and made me feel so at ease. She is so positive and inspiring about pregnancy, labour and birth, we learnt so much from her.'
West Midlands July 2020
'I underwent hypnosis with Asher, after having a recent attack of anxiety and depression. Her calm warming manner helped me overcome my recent difficulties. I cannot recommend her highly enough.'
West Midlands May 2020
'My experience with Asha, has been life changing for me. Suffering with anxiety and depression for 16 years I now feel I have hope for the future. Asha is very professional and has been great to work with. Thank you so much.'
West Midlands February 2020

Please Note: Solution focused hypnotherapy is very effective. However, results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Success is dependent on your willingness and commitment to make changes.  Your FREE initial consultation is a 15 minute telephone consultation.