We offer a complete birth hypnotherapy package, educating and supporting new parents to be. Equipping you to have a better birthing experience.
birth hypnotherapy

What is birth hypnotherapy?

Thank you for choosing mindAbility Hypnotherapy to support you on this wonderful journey to meet your baby. The aim of this programme is to:

  • Prepare both parents for labour and birth by understanding the physical and psychological processes during labour
  • Recognising the non-birthing partner has a crucial role to play and together, identify how they can support their partner before, during and after birth
  • Prepare to meet your baby
  • Challenge fears and misconceptions about birth
  • Building your confidence in your body to labour and birth your baby as intended
  • Hypnosis tools, to promote and maintain calmness during labour for both parents

If you want to know more about birth hypnotherapy take the opportunity to contact Mindability on 07902580703 or contact us below to arrange your free telephone consultation



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